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If I Can Dream

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Elvis Presley

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C - Am C - Am
C Am F G7
There Must Be Lights Burn-ing Bright-er Some-where
C Am Dm G7
Got To Be Birds Fly-ing High-er In The Sky More Blue;
C C7 F E7 Am
If I Can Dream Of A Bet-ter Land, Where All My Brothers Walk Hand In Hand,
C Am F C Am Dm7 G7
Tell Me Why - Oh Why - Oh Why Can't My Dreams Come True? Oh Why.
C Am F G7
There Must Be Peace And Un-der-stand-ing Some-time,
C Am Dm7 G7
Strong Winds Of Pro-mise That Will Blow A-way The Doubt And Fear,
G7 C C7 F E7 Am
If I Can Dream Of A Warm-er Sun Where Hope Keeps Shin-ing On Ev-er-y-one,
C Am F Dm7 G7 C F C C7
Tell Me Why - Oh Why - Oh Why Won't That Sun Ap-pear?
F F#dim C C7
We're Lost In A Cloud With Too Much Of Rain
F F#dim C C7
We're Trapped In A World That's Troub-led With Pain,
F F#dim C E7 Am
But As Long As A Man Has The Strength To Dream,
D7 G7
He Can Re-deem His Soul, And Fly
C Am F G7
Deep In My Heart There's A Trem-blin Question.
C Am Dm7 G7
Still I Am Sure That The Ans-wer's Gon-na Come Some-how.
Out There In The Dark There's A Beck-on-ing Can-dle Oh Yeah
F#dim C Am
And While I Can Think, While I Can Talk,
C Am
While I Can Stand, While I Can Walk,
F G7
While I Can Dream, - Please let My Dream - Come True
C Am - C Am - C Am F C
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